Freight Forwarders in China

China’s trade industry is growing exponentially, especially the freight forwarding business. Many of China’s freight forwarders handle considerable amounts of freight volume within the country; however these companies are relatively unknown to the rest of the world. Finding a reputable freight forwarder in China is not as simple as looking through the Yellow Pages. Some due diligence is required to locate the right company with the right credentials.


Locate companies that belong to a freight forwarding network with established integrity in the Chinese trade market. Conducting business in the Chinese culture is based on trust and relationships, therefore, it is important to work with networks that have already established these relationships.

Work with only the freight forwarders who are registered in China or ISO certified. This type of registration guarantees that the company is operating with the guidelines set by the Chinese government.

Choose freight forwarders who have experience handling and shipping your types of freight.

Contact other freight companies who are currently doing business with Chinese freight forwarders for references and recommendations.

Require that the freight forwarder or network provide you with copies of U.S. Export Administration Regulations and Schedule B Book (Harmonized Code). Also sign a limited Power of Attorney for the purpose of handling your export documentation.