Freight Charges for Domestic & International

Freight Charges: If you are planning a business venture that will require you to ship your products by truck, the freight charges to do so will be one of the major expenses you need to plan for. Without properly calculating those charges, you won’t be able to put together a realistic business plan. Truck freight is arranged through trucking companies and freight brokers; charges for the same shipment may differ quite widely between them. To figure truck freight charges you will need to provide as much information as possible on what you’re planning to ship, and time to gather quotes.[/box]

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1.) Use the UPS “Calculate Time and Cost” online calculator. If you’re planning to ship your freight domestically or internationally with UPS, fill out the form online to get a free quote. The calculator takes your information into account and computes what you can expect to pay for domestic and international freight shipments.

2.) Use the online freight calculator at “Freight” This is a tool mainly used to compute the cost of international freight charges. With the page loaded in your browser, select whether you will be shipping your freight internationally via an ocean liner or by air. Fill out the form on the screen. After a few seconds, the calculator computes what you can expect to be charged for your particular shipment.

3.) Call the service you are using to get a quote. The service gives you a quote based on the description of the shipment. For example, Freight specializes in the domestic shipment of freight all over the U.S. Click the “Quick Quote” button and fill out the form. The site calculates your total using the most up-to-date freight-shipment rates.