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In accordance with the BLS, freight brokers prefer to employ Agents who hold a high school diploma or a GED, otherwise, there are no formal educational requirements for your job. At first, they perform fundamental tasks like weighing freight and making certain that parcels are shipping to the correct address, under the supervision of other agents. At the same time, they observe more experienced cargo agents performing their duties. Freight agents progressively start work more independently, as they develop the required skills.

Freight agents must first analyze the needs of their clients: what must be moved, where it must go, and once it must arrive. Once they’ve got this info, they negotiate with shipping companies to get the best deal possible. Freight agents prepare invoices for customers and shippers and track statistics on bundles like the dimensions and weight. They must be capable to track the location of packages for customers and resolve the situation when a package is lost. Freight brokers sometimes operate heavy machinery like forklifts to move large parcels. Those specifically employed by cargo arrangement companies earned an average of $43,620 annually. Throughout the nation, average salaries for this job ranged from a low of $30,490, in Nevada, at a height of $55,340, in Connecticut. Between 2010 and 2020, the BLS expects that 24,100 new jobs will be created for cargo agents.

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