Freight Broker Course Packages

Broker Course Packages: There are just not enough carriers and owner operator drivers to haul all the cargo to where it needs to be delivered. However there are ALWAYS drivers & carriers looking for backhaul loads or loads to fill the empty space in their trailers. This is where the freight broker has an opportunity to find drivers looking for loads and match them with their clients (Shippers) needs. Almost all brokers use some type of load board to facilitate this process of the matchmaking. We are a load board and Freight Broker Training combined, and because of this we are able to get you making an excellent average income while working for yourself! But first you need the proper training to understand the industry, and it all starts here!

Course Packages :

Our packages are designed to give flexibility and discounted rates for your order. All packages include the Freight Brokers Training Course, but depending on how much you want to spend and what additional information you may need, you can choose the best package that fits in your budget.

Here is a sample freight brokers training packages offered.Click here!


  • […] Freight brokers work in the transportation and trucking industries and are often thought of as sales workers. They may work for a transportation company or freight brokerage firm that specializes in selling trucking and transportation services to companies that need to move materials and goods. This is typically an office job, though it can be a fast-paced one with heavy telephone and computer usage. Freight brokers shift gears among organizing transportation for clients’ materials, tracking shipments, and notifying clients of items’ arrival, as well as collecting payment and record-keeping. These workers spend most of their time sitting and have the freedom to determine daily goals. The following table contains the core requirements for becoming a freight broker. […]

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