Finding LTL Freight Loads for a 26 Foot Truck

Sometimes people or businesses need to ship something that’s too large for parcel services to handle, but doesn’t fill up an entire 52 foot shipping trailer. Less than truckload or LTL freight services exist to collect these smaller cargoes, often combining several loads into a single batch and taking it to a central transport location. However, independent truck operators may find it difficult to find an LTL load. Placing ads and fliers around town may help you find some local business, but you can turn to a LTL freight broker to find work on a regular basis.

Contact a freight broker who deals in LTL loads. You can find freight brokers in the yellow pages, transportation trade publications and on the Internet at such websites as or

Register with the broker as an LTL transportation service. Inform the broker that you operate a 26 foot truck. Telling the broker what type of truck you run will allow the agent to send the appropriate load leads your way and screen out inappropriate leads, such as loads that require flatbeds.

Wait for the broker to contact you with a lead or call them every day or two to inquire about new leads.

Check the load board listings frequently if you’re using a freight broker that creates a central collective lead board online. Search for LTL loads in your area that can fit in your truck.

Pay the freight broker a percentage of your earnings or a monthly or yearly fee, depending on the specifics in your contract.