How to Find Loads for a Trucking Business

Find Loads!

Truckers who own their own rigs usually have built up a list of clients for whom they haul on a regular basis. When the truck is not running, or when a trucker must drive an empty rig, the driver loses income. Truckers need to develop good sources to find loads for a trucking business to remain viable.


Register with a load board online that matches drivers with loads. Many sites keep updated information on their sites daily and allow the drivers to contact the company directly to arrange the job. By paying a monthly fee that averages about $29.95, you can access the members-only site day and night for available loads.
Look for load boards that have a quick turnover in the job postings. A good load board shouldn’t carry load requests for more than 24 hours if it has an active membership. Companies in need of trucking services tend to use the boards that provide quick turn-around as well.
Utilize the services of a freight broker who acts as a third party negotiator and acquires jobs for you. Freight brokers operate on retainer fees or earn a commission on each match they provide. A freight broker has many industry contacts; some businesses prefer to deal with a broker rather than directly with truckers, so they will have access to jobs that aren’t listed on open load boards.
Bid on jobs through websites that list loads in need of moving. This is a much slower process and may take awhile to build repeat business. However, there are no upfront costs associated with bidding sites. Instead, you pay a fee to the organization hosting the bidding once you’ve signed a contract with a company to move their load.
Post your availability and the parameters of your trucking capabilities on a reverse load board. Brokers and businesses search these sites for drivers who match their needs. Post standing vacancies or put up a notice when you find yourself with a one-way load.