Carrier Directory Database

Search from over 1 Million US Motor Carrier Directory Database. Our carrier directory listings help freight brokers and logistics providers find qualified carriers. Data is available in excel formate and sorted by state for easy access to data. The carrier database also has the motor carrier’s insurance information on file along with the contact information of the current insurance certificate policy. This allows freight brokers to confirm the accurace of the carrier’s insurance information. Before a freight broker releases a load to the carrier they need to always check that the carrier has VAID cargo insurance certificate on file.

Our Freight Broker Training Course includes all the transportation & logistics contacts you will need to run a successfully freight brokerage. Our Carrier Directory Database has been sorted and verified. Even freight brokers that have been in the industry for years, are constantly looking for new clients. Your freight broker course includes a database that can not be downloaded anyplace else! We have organized and updated all of our transportation data collected over the past 5 years to help new and experienced freight brokers reach out to thousands of new clients.