Canada Zip Code Database

Our Canada zip code database consists of approximately over 600,000 Canadian postal codes. This database comes in Excel format SQL format, and CSV files. The Canada six – digit postal code database also includes all of the following data. City, province, a province abbreviation, time zone, latitude, longitude.

Our Canada zip code Excel file database is compatible with MySQL. This database was use to build powerful Canada zip code Lookup tools that are used on many transportation sites. Other sites do not provide the Canadian Zip codes in a format that is easy to upload to a server for pull downs forms, zip code search forms or radius look up. This database includes every zip code in Canada along with the associate city and Province. Laditude, Longitude, and Area Codes are also provided. We can add this script to your website or you can purchase and upload to your website. This product is an instant download and comes in many different formats to make uploading to your website easy.

Table Schema of Database