Canada Freight Broker License Requirements

How to become a Freight Broker in Canada,Ontario

You’ll need to file to get your broker authority with the FMCSA ( and also get a broker licence from the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.

As a result of a jurisdictional dispute between the Federal Government and the Province of New Brunswick, the Federal Government relegated the administration of inter-provincial and extra-provincial road transportation to the individual provinces affected.

The following provinces and territories do not regulate freight brokerage:


The following provinces do regulate freight brokerage: ONTARIO: Effective January 1, 2006, Ontario Regulation 556/92 to the Truck Transportation Act and the Act itself are repealed. One part of 556/92 has been retained in legislation and transferred to the Highway Traffic Act (HTA). Where the previous 556/92 required an application to obtain a Load Brokerage Certificate, the new addition to the HTA requires no such application or certificate, and will universally apply to all companies who broker freight “over-the-road” including motor carriers, warehousemen, customs brokers, freight forwarders, 3PLs and freight brokers.  556/92 of the HTA speaks mainly to the requirement that all parties who broker freight must maintain a trust account to hold monies payable to the carrier. QUEBEC: Presently, the Commission des transports du Québec Section 332 requires that a “transport service intermediary” (any person who finds a carrier for the account of his client) register with the CTQ. Person can be a freight forwarder, a forwarding agent, a broker and so on, and corresponds to one of the following situations: (1) concludes a contract in Québec (2) has a place of business, an office or a business address in Québec, a post office box or a telephone number (3) has a representative or an agent with a proxy to transact on her behalf in Québec (4) generally, acts in Québec for gain in the scope of professional or commercial activities.

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