About Transportation Brokerage

the Transportation Brokerage Transportation Brokerage:

The shipping industry coordinates itself to transport goods across the globe. Transportation brokers are critical to facilitate this process. Efficient brokers work to reduce transportation costs for their clientele. Transportation brokers leverage personal connections to match suppliers needing to move goods with freight companies offering transportation. Transportation brokers coordinate deals between these parties–earning commissions for doing so. Commissions are paid either by the shipper or from revenues generated by the carrier.

Transportation brokers tailor their services to meet your objectives and budget. Cargo may be shipped by truck, plane, rail or ship. The broker may integrate different modes of transport within your plan to expedite delivery of goods.

Transportation brokers are critical for international commerce. Experts help firms navigate the customs and import laws of a foreign country.

Transportation brokers’ services typically lead to cost savings. Hiring outside trucking firms is generally less expensive than purchasing your own fleet to move goods. Further, knowledgeable brokers may be able to uncover localized transportation companies that ship product for lower prices.

Check references and use word-of-mouth networking to verify the reputation of your broker. Transportation companies should be properly insured to manage the risks of lost loads.

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