3/4 Ton Truck Load Limits

Pickup trucks are useful for hauling items, and the amount of weight they can carry depends primarily on their weight rating. Engineers design pickups in three different weight classes that define how much drivers can carry in the bed of the truck and inside the cab.

A 3/4 ton pickup has an axle and springs capable of carrying 1,500 pounds. However, the condition of the axles, springs, tires and shocks contribute to the amount of weight that is safe to transport in a truck. Worn tires or tires without enough air pressure create dangerous conditions when hauling heavy loads.

Besides the designation as a 3/4 ton pickup, drivers can check the specifications for their trucks by looking at the information inside the driver’s door for the sticker that identifies features of the vehicle. The gross vehicle weight indicates the total weight that the truck can carry. The owner’s manual may also provide the weight load information. The maximum weight includes the weight of the vehicle and everyone inside it.

The U.S. Department of Transportation requires the maximum weight that the tires can handle be stamped on the tires. The weight rating for tires is found after the tire size designation. The Resource appended to this article displays a chart of the maximum weights associated with the load rating.