Terms Of Service

Before release of our digital products all customers will have to sign and return our Terms of Service Policy. By purchasing products on freightbrokerscourse.com you are agreeing to our Terms of Service policy. All products sold on freightbrokerscourse.com are for digital download. All products that are updated, changed or modified are available to customers via digital download at no extra cost. We accept no liability for the accuracy of the database information. There are no refunds on database products or exports of custom data from our database

Customer Verification

All customers will have a digital download dashboard where they can download their products or product updates at any time; however on first purchases, each customer’s account is verified for accuracy and to prevent fraud, since our products are all digital download. To protect both the merchant and customer we verify and match billing information of each customer by the phone number provided and email associated with Paypal account, to ensure this is an actual purchase made by the customer. Each customer will be required to agree to these terms before the release of digital products in their dashboard. Sales made during off peak hours will be verified the next business day, so we encourage all customers to call or email and get your account verified prior to your purchase so there will be no interruptions with receiving your digital download products.

Products & Package Upgrades

All product packages can be upgraded for a difference of the cost from the original package purchase price. Please request demos on any component of a package to insure you are buying data or products you can use. Ensure you have required software to open files. Customers CAN NOT share, distribute, re-sell, re-brand or copy any of the product materials without prior notification and consent from management. Please allow 10 business days from purchase for printed materials to be fulfilled.

Job Placement

Job placement is NOT available for the basic package. Job placement DOES NOT GUARANTEE EMPLOYMENT, as a service to all students who COMPLETE COURSE we assist them with putting them in contact with Freight Brokerages looking for agents for employment. This process can take time and may not be a local freight brokerage, so please allow up to 30-45 days after course completion for us place you with a freight brokerage.

Refund & Exchange Policy

If applying for a refund, the customer must detail their reasoning in writing by email for requesting the refund at which point the merchant has the opportunity and right to attempt to resolve the customer’s complaint. If we are unable to resolve the customer’s complaints within 7 business days of receiving the initial refund request, then all disputes and or claims will be handled online by PayPal’s dispute center for resolution, if the refund request was made within 15 days of purchase, and payment was made through PayPal. There are No Refunds After 15 Days. To prevent abuse, charge backs and or fraud all returns and or refunds are subject to a 17% of total purchase return fee.  Any disputes or charge backs made without a request or after 30 Days of purchasecould be subject to an additional $50.00 merchant fee.  For Deluxe Package purchases, the BOC-3 filing service takes 15 business days to process from initial request, and a request can be made 15 days after purchase date. There is no refund on the filing portion valued at $179.00. No refunds on any database exports or files sold separately. Website Templates will be provide within 7 days of request.

Accept our Terms of Services

Before release of our digital products all customers will have to verify our Terms of Service Policy. Accept our Terms of Services by submitting the form below.