Logistics Coordinators: Average Salary

Logistics is a process which involves management of the flow of goods as well as services from the place of production to the place of consumption. Logistics involves taking care of several aspects to make sure that customers get the desired goods. Logistics coordinators are required to supervise and oversee the entire process and ensure its efficiency to generate more business for their firms. After reading the logistics coordinator job description mentioned below, you will understand the work of these professionals in detail.[/box]

[box type=”shadow”]Base Salary
In September 2010, PayScale.com reported a national average base salary between $33,851 and $47,286 per year for this occupation. With bonuses and profit sharing, the total compensation package ranged between $32,099 and $46,099 per year.

Many of these professionals work in the shipping and warehousing, transportation and manufacturing industries. The highest-paying industry was chemical manufacturing with the national average salary between $35,429 and $46,853 per year. The transportation industry paid an average annual salary between $33,701 to $44,606 per year, while the logistics industry paid an average annual salary between $33,119 to $43,207 per year.

With 5.21 administration and logistics coordinator positions per every thousand jobs in the state, the District of Columbia had the highest concentration of jobs for administration coordinators as of 2010 and offered a salary average of $81,400 a year. The BLS names New York and New Jersey as the two highest-paying states for this occupation, with respective salary averages of $107,920 and $106,850 per year.

PayScale.com reported 53 percent of logistics coordinators having between one and four years of experience. The average salary for this level of experience was between $31,806 and $41,721 per year. Those with over 20 years of experience made an average salary between $41,374 and $60,000 per year.[/box]

[box type=”shadow”]In order to become a logistics coordinator, you need to complete a four-year degree program in fields of business/operations management. Experience in a logistics firm can prove to be very handy in getting the right job. The logistics coordinator salary can be in the range of $40,000 to $65,000 per year.[/box]