Transportation Dispatcher

Transportation Dispatcher

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Job Title: Transportation Dispatcher

Reports to: Director of Transportation

Dept: Transportation

Wage Status: Nonexempt

Pay Grade: Bus – 8hr

Duty Days: 10 month

Fund Source: 199

Date Revised: August 2019

Primary Purpose:

Coordinate dispatching of pupil transportation for regular and special needs programs districtwide to ensure safe, efficient, timely, and economical transportation services. Drive bus routes and special trips as assigned.



Clear and valid Texas commercial driver’s license with Passenger (P) and School Bus (S) endorsements

High School Diploma or GED

Must be 18 years of age

Special Knowledge/Skills:

Ability to use software to develop route schedules, spreadsheets, and databases and do word processing

Ability to read and understand documents including policies and procedures manuals

Ability to receive and give written and verbal instructions

Ability to pass U.S. Department of Transportation alcohol and drug tests and annual physical exam

Effective organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills


Five years experience as certified school bus driver

Major Responsibilities and Duties:

Routes and Schedules

  • Assist with layout and scheduling of all district bus routes in accordance with Texas Education Agency guidelines. Ensure that all changes or additional bus runs are consistent with district policies, guidelines, and procedures.
  • Conduct dispatch activities to ensure the smooth operation of all buses.
  • Assist with the preparation and updating of district maps showing areas served by each bus. Communication
  • Dispatch drivers and vehicles.
  • Notify drivers, parents, and school personnel of any changes in a student’s bus service such as an address change, change in pick-up and drop-off location, change in time or bus change. Help campuses to place new students on buses and advise drivers of new or dismissed students.


  • Serve as substitute bus driver as needed.
  • Compile, maintain, file all physical and computerized reports, records, and other documents required in transportation area meeting all district, state and federal timelines. Reports must be completed and submitted prior to the end of work day calendar.
  • Maintain a clean and organized work environment. File records timely in a filing system that is labeled and organized.

Supervisory Responsibilities:


Mental Demands/Physical Demands/Environmental Factors:

Tools/Equipment Used: Standard office equipment including computer and peripherals; school bus; two-way radio; safety equipment including but not limited to flares, reflective signs, and fire extinguisher

Posture: Prolonged sitting; frequent standing and twisting; occasional kneeling/squatting, bending, stooping, and pushing/pulling

Motion: Repetitive hand motions; frequent keyboarding and use of mouse; prolonged driving; moderate walking, climbing stairs, grasping/squeezing, wrist flexion/extension, and reaching

Lifting: Limited light lifting and carrying (under 15 pounds) on a daily basis

Environment: Frequent exposure to extreme hot and cold temperatures, noise, and vehicle fumes; regularly work irregular hours, and occasionally work prolonged hours

Mental Demands: Maintain emotional control under stress,

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