How to Start Your Own Freight Brokerage Company

A freight broker coordinates the transportation of goods from a manufacturer or seller to their customers’ locations. The broker links outgoing cargo with available trucks and must do so at a competitive price. He must know freight logistics and have a working knowledge of documentation needed for inter-state transport of…

How Does a Freight Brokerage Business Owner Spend a Workday?

Freight Brokerage Business : Workday Connect Shippers with Motor Carriers A freight broker is basically a shipping middleman: an individual or company that arranges shipping services between another individual or company and an authorized carrier. The broker is not the actual shipper or carrier, just the liaison between the two….

How to Start an Auto Hauling Business

Starting an auto hauling business will take quite a bit of capital or, if you have good credit, a substantial loan. Your main two pieces of equipment are a tractor and the auto hauling trailer. Depending on the type of tractor you purchase, you could spend upward of $100,000, and…

How to Start a Hauling & Delivery Business

Hauling & Delivery Business: Without a pickup truck or trailer, few people have the means to haul large goods, debris and trash. If they can’t enlist the help of a friend who owns hauling equipment, they must turn to professionals for hauling and delivery needs. A hauling and delivery business…

How to Start a Small Freight Hauling Business

Starting a small freight hauling business can be complicated to implement. There are many licensing, registration and insurance issues to tackle before getting trucks on the road and starting a Small Freight Hauling business. However, once those aspects have been covered, owning your own frieght hauling business can be very…

Becoming an owner operator

As an owner operator, you enjoy more freedom from supervision the company driver experiences. You’re able to set your own hours. You can take time off when you want. But those freedoms, the big trade-off: the need to be financially responsible and self disciplining. The challenge is great, but for…

Selecting your business services provider

Services Provider: As an independent business owner your primary goal is to make more money that’s why you made the decision to purchase or lease your own truck the challenge lies in holding on to more of the money you make especially as the expenses increase you have to pay…

How to Start a Small Freight Business

Small Freight Business:There is a broad pattern of merchandise trade among and within nations. According to “Entrepreneur” magazine, the freight brokerage business is a billion-dollar industry. A small cargo container and freight company works with trade goods manufacturers and suppliers, freight brokerage companies and freight forwarding companies to provide cargo…

What Is a Surety Bond?

A Surety bond: Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it. Like insurance, surety bonds put the resources of huge underwriters behind corporations or individuals, allowing them to conduct business while offering peace of mind to their customers. Features There are three…

How to Get a Mortgage Broker Bond

A mortgage broker is an intermediary who finds mortgage loans at the best rates on behalf of a customer. In most states, a mortgage broker must be licensed by the state and carry insurance, in other words become bonded. Licensing requirements can vary from state to state, and in most…


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